• A Cup of Sun

    Golden Milk Paste (54 Servings)

    Add to your coffee / tea as creamer, use in a latte, mix with your cereal or yogurt - this healing blend of warming spices and herbs mixes well with hot or cold liquids. Try with: Coconut, almond or hemp milk.

    Healthy and delicious.

    Inspired by the Ayurvedic tradition, this easy to use paste supports the health of mind, body and spirit with the ability to detoxify, strengthen, support and increase vitality.
    Organic Golden Milk Paste $18.95 / Jar $18.95    |    54 servings in each jar MADE IN TELLURIDE by our friend Stephanie Malsed

    Ingredients: Filtered Water, Organic Turmeric, Raw Honey, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Ginger, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Cardamom, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Ashwagandha Powder, Chaga Mushroom Powder. Contains: Tree Nuts (Coconut).


      OUR FAVORITE CONCOCTION: Steamed Hemp Milk + espresso + teaspoon A Cup of Sun = Golden Latte  Not only healthy and packed full of anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, anti-oxidant but a delicious creamy lightning bolt to your morning.     $18.95   |    54 servings in each jar
  • Aged Sumatra


    for 6oz
    A unique coffee. The beans are aged in their skin (pergamino) and stored in the cooler air of the farm rather than in the humidity of the port of Medan. The coffee is only hulled just prior to export. We recommend enjoying as a pour over or French Press!
    • Aged 3 years
    • Heavy body with leather/tobacco notes
    • No pronounced acidity, dense and earthy
    rare specialty coffee          
  • Avalanche


    for 12 oz.
    Many people preparing coffee using a regular old drip style brewer are loving our mixed roast blends (dark and light roasted beans together). A twist on our Mountain Harvest Blend, we first tried the "Avalanche" experimentally at the 2014 Bluegrass Festival here in Telluride and it was a winner! We take a medium roasted Papua New Guinea and blend it 50/50 with our Black Magic. Lots of flavor, heavy body and a lingering aftertaste . Try it!
  • Black Canyon


    for 12 oz.
    An exotic blend of three coffees from Africa, South America and Central America, heavy and complex. Great for espresso - rich, winey and intense. Medium roast - Best Seller!!
  • Black Magic


    for 12oz
    A blend of dark roasted coffees from the South China Seas and Latin America. Syrupy flavor envelopes the naturally sweet undertones of these coffees brought to an Italian Roast. Easy on the stomach, mellow, but full bodied. A step lighter than the French. (link)
  • BODUM “Columbia” 34oz French Press

    BODUM Stainless Steel

    Gorgeous Stainless Steel French Press. The BODUM "Columbia"  |   $69   |   34oz. (delivers 24oz of finished coffee)  The stainless steel leaves no residue and cleans extremely easily after each brew. Built like a tank, you could take this camping, traveling, just about anywhere as it's virtually indestructible! With such a beautiful addition to your kitchen, making coffee every morning is a shining experience.  $69 | 34oz.
  • BODUM “Young” 34oz French Press

    Original BODUM


    The BODUM "Young" 34oz French Press - delivers 24 fl oz of finished coffee. Original BODUM French Press Design.

    - Glass insert with protective, insulating rubber sleeve.
    - Solid and well priced.
    $29  34oz
  • Brazil Carmo de Minas


    for 6oz
    Take a trip to the Serra da Mantiqueira in the Cerrado region of Carmo de Minas with this Yellow Bourbon varietal.
    The JR farm, owned by the Junquiera/Reis family, located between 1050m and 1360m elevation, is perfectly situated to take advantage of the summer rains and the cool winter nights that coffee cherries thrive upon.
    Prepared as a pulped natural, the fleshy mucilage remains on the coffee through drying to tone down the acidity and increase the body.
    The JR brothers Jose and Pedro have won numerous awards from the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association for their pulped naturals. We feel fortunate to have been able to pick up a few bags from the current crop as most are destined for Japan, Taiwan and Scandinavia. Enjoy!
    - - -
    Cupping Notes
    • Milk chocolate finish and good body
    • Little pronounced acidity with a velvety, lingering aftertaste
  • Breakfast Brew


    for 12oz
    Balanced, medium roast blend of Organic Central American coffees - smoky, fruity and soft
  • Cimarron Blend

    For the Dark Roast lover!


    Pungent, Strong and Heavy. 

    A blend of Black Magic and French Roast; the full on French experience - with a softer edge.

    Beans from Colombia, Brazil and Sumatra combine for a smoky and full-bodied taste that's easy on the stomach. Recommended Brew Method:  Drip or French Press
  • Colombia Supremo Popayan


    for 12oz
    Colombia, the world's second largest producer of coffee after Brazil, delivers a bean with the perfect balance of body and acidity. The highest export grade, slow roasted to perfection.
  • Copper BODUM Burr Grinder


    Burr Grinder by BODUM in Copper.    $129 Great grinder, quiet, even particle size. Stylee and precise. Grinds from Espresso to French Press. Easy feel to the rubber covered glass grounds receptacle. Our favorite home grinder by far.