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Sumatra Purbatua

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Purbatua is a small area located in Silimakuta District part of the Simalungun Regency in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Located between Seribu Dolok and Sigaruntung it sits at roughly 1500 meters above sea level. Lots of traditional houses are found in this area, including one where King Purba Rahalim XII of the Simalungun resided about hundred years ago – he was known nationally as a great leader, and for building the cultural traditions of what we still see now in the Simalungun area.

The area’s soils are rich and there’s an abundance of good clean waters that sustain farming and cultivation. Most of the lands are under  banana, pineapple, coffee, ginger, chillies, sweet potatoes and corn cultivation. Hence you can taste the profile of tropical fruits and spices immediately in the coffees. The clean waters also bring out bright acidity which is unusual for coffees from Sumatra and Indonesia in general.

This is truly a special and rare Sumatra coffee – we hope you like it as much as we do.


Sumatra Purbatua

Region : Simalungun – North Sumatra

Elevation : 1400 -1600 meters

Varietals: Djember, Typica, Ateng

Process: Semi-Washed / Wet Hulled

Cupping Notes:

Aroma: Tropical Fruits and chocolate

Flavor: Warming Spices, Caramel, Chocolate, Grape, banana, pineapple, and Cherry

Body: Syrupy and Creamy

Acidity: Medium High, Bright

Aftertaste: Sweet and lingering

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