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Sun Dried Coffee

After completion of the wet process, the beans in their parchment are ready to dry. At this stage, the beans contain in excess of 50% moisture, which must be brought down to about 12%. Sun-drying is the preferred method of drying, which means that the beans are either spread out on patios open to the sun and turned at regular intervals by hand or left suspended on mesh tables so that the air can circulate more easily. Either way, this process takes about 3 weeks, weather permitting. Sun drying allows the beans to dry at a natural pace, allowing all of the fine characteristics of the bean to flourish. Thus, a higher quality bean is produced. The alternative to sun-drying, is mechanical drying, where the beans are placed in rotating drums into which hot air is blown to dry the beans. This method dries the beans faster, using less manpower. The downfall is that the beans are not allowed to mature naturally, producing a lower quality bean.

Most Steaming Bean coffees are sun-dried. We feel there is a noticeable taste difference … and we think you will too.

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